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Slivs83, Oct 18, 12 3:33 PM.

I will start scheduling a continuation of raids shortly. So anyone who can't make it for one can try for the other. However priority will be given to those attending the first session in order to give them a chance to complete the raid. If, for example, 6 of the original 10 players can make it to the second run, that leaves 4 spots available to anyone else who would like to try. If all 10 players can attend the second run, there will be no spots available.
Because raid locks work differently than HC locks (which no longer seem to exist) anyone attending these continuations should not be expecting to be able to down specific bosses. Only bosses that have not been downed by anyone in the party will be available. So, for example, if someone in the group has already defeated the first boss, that boss will not be available again until all raid locks expire. If, however, no one killed that first boss, he is fair game. 

Scheduling continuations will accomplish 2 things: it will keep the groups and raids organized by ensuring that people can attend, as well as allow the chance for different players to try these raids. There is no reason to cancel a continuation if people want to attend. 

Keep an eye out for these continuations in the raid calendar and signup, signup, signup.

The more the merrier.


Black Wing Descent

Slivs83, Oct 13, 12 11:46 AM.
There are 2 websites posted at the bottom of the sign up page for BWD. Please review them before the raid. Not reviewing them is NOT an excuse for not knowing the tactics and strategies for the raid. If you want to be there please do your part to ensure success. Otherwise your failure could cause a wipe. No one is there to 'spoon feed' you the information. Effort is required by everyone to ensure success.

Lets show the World (of Warcraft) what we're made of and get this thing done right.


Change in Information

Slivs83, Oct 9, 12 7:26 PM.
Due to a change in the Photobucket website some of the pictures in the forums are not being displayed. I am currently attempting to update the topics with the new Photobucket information. If any of the forum pictures are not displaying, please send me a mail message including the forum topic, or copy paste the web address to the forum in question and I will get the information updated. 
Teamwork makes everything work faster.


Photo Information updated. If any photos are missing, please inbox me and I will repair them.


Slivs83, Oct 9, 12 5:56 PM.
The resources tab is open for use. You can find the instructions in the general section of the forum. Resources Tab Instructions

Jewelcrafter information has been posted in the professions section of the forum including a link to the Crafter's Tome containing all gems available in the gam
e. Please feel free to use the resources tab to order gems. This will allow jewelcrafters to work on the gems when they have time and mail them to you when completed. You will not have to wait until a jewelcrafter is online to get the gems you need. Jewelcrafting

The resources tab can also be used to order gear, enchants (Enchanting), food, etc. as outlined in the instructions.

The Crafter's Tome contains information on all crafting professions which can be used when placing orders. Information can also be found in the resources tab instructions.

Using the RESOURCES TAB allows us to keep track of who needs what, and ensure that you get what you need in a timely fashion. PLEASE USE IT!!! It's there to make life a little easier for everyone. 

The GSC Voice Server information is found in the members only section of the forum.‚Äč


Language Barriers and Respect

Slivs83, Oct 5, 12 11:39 AM.

We are well aware that all of our member come from different countries and speak different languages. We are also aware that this can make our English website difficult to understand. There is a simple solution to this problem: Google Chrome. Google Chrome offers the option to translate pages into your own language. I know it's not a perfect translation, but it may be helpful.

THIS IS AN ADULT GUILD!!!! If you are a teenager that's fine. We will accept you. However, you are expected to keep a mature and respectful attitude at all times. You have no right to be bossing anyone around. If you show disrespect, repeatedly, AFTER BEING TOLD TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE, YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GUILD!!! Disrespect towards ANY member is not tolerated. This means things such as posting a DPS recounts and then complaining about a fellow guildy's DPS, ESPECIALLY A NEW PLAYER WITH NO GEAR, in party chat, you will be warned. If you continue to show any signs of disrespect, YOU WILL BE KICKED!!!! This also means you MUST ask a person to help you or run you through an instance before sending them an invite. You MUST GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO CHOSE TO DO SO!!!!! If you ask for help, DON'T TRY TO TAKE CHARGE!!!! Asking for help is the same as saying "I don't know" or "I need to use your time". If you need to use a persons time, they must have control over their time. If you need help from someone and are requesting that they use a secondary spec (requesting dps, main spec is healing), don't boss them around, YOU ASKED FOR HELP!!!

You are also expected to be considerate of the GUILD PROFESSIONALS' request. If any of the Guild Professionals (guild leather worker, guild enchanter, guild jewel crafter, etc.) tell you that they need something from an instance (ie. Chaos orbs) to complete gear for a guildy, PASS ON IT!!! If you need on something that a Guild Professional needs, you are STEALING FROM THE GUILD!!! Being a team player means helping, NOT STEALING!!! The best way to be sure if the item is needed or not is to ASK!!!

We are all here to have fun. If you are only here to ruin it for others or not play as part of the team, you are more than welcome to LEAVE!!!!!

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